Thursday, October 25, 2012

I am Sam

I wish to reintroduce myself to everyone who reads this blog, and then I will explain.
I am not Paul Burton.
I am Sam Gibson.
Why did I use the name Paul Burton?
Because of the following reasons:
If Jack had made it out of the hospital, rather than passing away, he and I had agreed to go to the closest state which allows same sex marriage, and I would have legally changed my name from Sam Gibson to Paul Burton.
Paul is my middle name, and Jack's last name was Burton.
Hopefully, this clears up any previous confusion or misunderstandings.
If not, you're beyond help.
I figured I could at least be honest about my name, since I had been close enough to fully honest about everything else on this blog, and within what is otherwise a personal, and surprisingly quiet life.
Sorry for not being around on this blog, for quite a long time.
As previously mentioned, my blog had disappeared and I literally had to fetch it out of Blogger's 'trash bin', so to speak.
Now that I have retrieved it, I can begin talking about what all has transpired since I was last making regular entries in here.
Hope to 'see you' soon, everyone....and if you're still interested in my life, after all this time, this index finger's for you.  <3

Peace and love to all, FROM SAM.  :)

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