Thursday, December 13, 2012


Specifically, human FAIL
Social Media FAIL, compassion FAIL, Christianity FAIL, and overall decent person complete and utter FAIL.
Last week, I had finally reached my limit with several people on the friends list of my Facebook profile, and decided that enough of their sanctimonious bullshit was enough, so I unfriended and blocked them...and some of those people still read this blog...but after reading this, I bet most of them figure out how to unsubscribe from new posts.
So, let me make a few things crystal clear, since there are some residual issues from many months back:
First of all, not once did I EVER say, insinuate, or even hope that you are not entitled to your opinion.
It was wrong, yet typical, of you to try and put words in my mouth, thoughts in my head, and sentences on my status.
If I want shit like that in my life, I'll watch Fox News, listen to Limbaugh's radio show, Glenn Beck's drool-ridden retardcasts, and allow myself to absorb facts not in evidence, 24-7.
Truth be told, though: You are in no position to say one fucking word about an entitlement program, when your very own version of it (aka Government Job) costs astronomically more than any recipient of food stamps in this country, and you dared to refer to them as animals, when it's pious fucks like you who are the exact reason why these people continued getting screwed on pay, eventually lost their jobs, their homes, cars, kids' college fund, 401k, savings, credit score, mega etc, and then get called animals by ass wipes like you for daring to get help feeding their kids.
How dare they not mooch off the taxpayer teat for 25 solid years the way you have, so that they never have to bargain for a raise or an improvement in benefits, right? 
See, what I'm demonstrating here is how 2 can play at your game, only the truth really DOES hurt you....and I won't even get me started on how you referred to all persons in the Middle East as 'sand niggers' whose entire land should be nuked...and you actually wonder where Osama bin Laden got his attitude from.
Oh, and by the way, a good number of these people who you think are in total agreement with you?
They're not, and I'm beginning to hear A LOT from them about how sick they are of your brand of hate, and the same goes for the rest of your friends who cough up the same nonsense: They are sick of it, and they are going to start walking out of your life, so get used to it.
'Thank God' there are a few hundred thousand who serve our country without this kind of attitude, this kind of hate, or this kind of hubris behind in the future, don't even think of doing something for this county in my name, and thanks in advance.
Make sure you've got this much straight, if nothing else from me:
It was not your opinion that caused me to throw you out of my life.
It was your attitude that left me with no other choice but to stop putting up with your shit.
You built that, so you deserve to live with the consequences of ending up only with people who talk, think, sleep, and shit exactly the way you do, and it's people just like you and yours who draw such flawless parallels to the likes of Joseph Mengele and Charles Manson.
How very proud you must be.
Last and never will be least: How about you take that bible you claim to follow so well, and actually read something other than what any 3rd grader can Google to fit his or her agenda?
I know your God sure would appreciate it, and so would the rest of the world who can think without a conservative pundit telling them how.
Good riddance, and may the natural selection you praise God for one day cut your lame ass down to size.
You made your lie, now bed in it.

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